Mylar Bags, Why Use Them?


1) Provide Oxygen Protection

Mylar Bags provide great oxygen protection. Regular plastic bags and Ziploc plastic bags allow oxygen to pass through the bag and back into food products. Oxygen can cause discolouration, loss of taste, compromise product freshness and allow insects to breed.

Mylar Bags provide an effective oxygen barrier to help preserve your food longer while maintaining its freshness.

2)  Provide Light Protection

Some types of food are more sensitive to light. When exposed to light, the temperature of the product can increase. Products such as nuts, biscuits, crisps, and chocolate will be more vulnerable to break down , spoiling, and discolouration. Mylar bags are laminated with aluminum and prevent light from damaging your precious food stores.

3)  Provide Odour Protection

Most foods absorb odour, which affects the taste of the food and also decreases the amount of time you can store food.

Mylar bags are laminated with aluminum which creates an oxygen barrier that prevents contamination against odour and gases. This allows you to confidently store your food knowing it’s not vulnerable to contamination.

4)  Provide Moisture Protection

Moisture can destroy your food when in storage. Dampness created by moisture can cause mold, fungus, bacteria to form. It also allows insects to thrive and negatively affect your food.

Mylar Bags are laminated with aluminum foil and  create a waterproof barrier around your food stores. Food stored in a properly and properly sealed will remain completely dry from any external water source.

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Protect and preserve your food.

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