Oxygen Absorbers How To Store Them Properly

Oxygen Absorbers for Mylar Bags

You’ve purchased a package of 300cc or 2000cc oxygen absorbers. You have your mylar bags or mason jars set and ready to go, except for one small problem. . . Your oxygen absorbers came in a vacuum sealed package of 50 or more and you only need 5!

Over the last few months Rapid Survival has received many emails and phone calls asking how to avoid wasting oxygen absorbers due to the scenario described above, the solution is quite simple although not overly obvious.

Here is a simple step by step process to ensure your food stays fresh and your oxygen absorbers do as well.

Step One:
Get all your food preps ready for sealing, lay everything out. You’ll need all your food and mylar bags or mason jars ready to go. Know how many O2 absorbers you’ll need and how many you plan on keeping for use later.

Step Two:
Get a small mylar bag or mason jar, one that is just big enough to store all your left over oxygen absorbers. This mylar bag or mason jar won’t be used for your food stores. Instead it will be used to store the left over O2 absorbers.

Step Three:
Open the vacuum sealed bag of oxygen absorbers, place the O2 absorbers you want to use into your food filled mylar bag or mason jar. Place the left over O2 absorbers into the small mylar or mason jar you set aside and seal immediately. Oxygen absorbers become activated when they come in contact with oxygen. Placing them into a small mylar bag or mason jar allows them to absorb all the oxygen in the container, they then become “dormant” until they come into contact with oxygen again.

Step Four: 
When you’re ready to use the O2 absorbers again, open the small mylar bag or mason jar. Follow steps 1-3 again to ensure you don’t waste any oxygen absorbers.

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