Welcome to Rapid Survival, we are a value-oriented online store that specializes in the sales and supply of emergency survival kits and supplies. We also provide equipment to police, fire service and paramedics.

Our mission is to offer our customers fast and easy access to quality 72 hour survival kits and emergency survival equipment for all types of emergency situations.
Rapid Survival is owned by an emergency services worker who noticed the lack of emergency preparedness planning by families and individuals. As such, he created Rapid Survival in response to the growing demand in quality 72 hour emergency survival kits.

Rapid Survival provides quality products that exceed industry standards, we pride ourselves providing quality 72 hour survival products at competitive prices.
Rapid Survival Started in Oct 2015, with the purpose of providing the means necessary for people to be prepared for any emergency, crisis or disaster. We supply the best emergency survival kits for individuals, families, and businesses.

Rapid Survival expanded in 2016 to include products for police, fire, and paramedics.
If you are looking for experienced and reliable online store that specializes in the sales of quality 72 hour survival kits, look no further, Rapid Survival is here for you.
For more information, feel free to contact us via email at: [email protected]
We pride ourselves on providing our clients with excellent emergency survival kits and great value for their money, at Rapid Survival, the satisfaction and safety of our clients is our main focus, always remember that we aren’t happy unless you are!

Why Choose Rapid Survival

We Are Canadian
Many on-line shops that sell 72 Hour Survival kits and other products for emergency preparedness are based in the United States. If you order from these companies you have to pay for taxes and duties when your package is inspected at to border. All of our products are assembled and shipped from Ontario Canada, meaning no other taxers or fees if your order is shipped within Canada.

Fast and FREE Shipping

All orders are shipped via Canada Post or UPS. All orders over $250 ship within Canada for FREE!

Easy Returns

We’re not happy unless you are! If you have a problem with a product please let us know and we’ll work with you to make it right!