Two Way Walkie Talkies and Radios

Two Way Walkie Talkies are an important part of any preppers plan. The Baofeng line up of two way walkie talkie radios provides preppers with the ability to listen to various radio frequesncies.

What Can I Listen To With A Baofeng Two Way Walkie Talkie Radio?

Baofeng two way walkie talkie radios are very versatile and allow for many different modes of operation depending on the model you choose to purchase.

Listening to various weather repeaters operated by the Canadian and American Government will allow you to stay up to date on the latest weather information.

Turning into local emergency services such as Police, Fire, and Ambulance will allow you to be informed of critical events and emergency situations.

Listening to FM radio stations will provide general news updates and music to help pass the time.

Who Can I Talk To With A Baofeng Two Way Walkie Talkie Radio?

The Baofeng two way walkie talkies allow you to talk to people using all kinds of frequencies. The most popular frequecnies are the FRS or commonly known as the family band frequencies. These frequencies do not require a licence to transmit on and can reach distances of up to and over 10km given the proper environmental conditions.

The Baofeng two way walkie talkie is also very popular with new HAM radio operators.  HAM or amateur radio allows people to communicate around the world via a series of radio repeaters. The use of thus system requires licencing  from Industry Canada.

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