HAM Radio Licence Resources


Are you interested in getting your HAM radio licence? Not sure where to start?
Here are a few resources to help you study for the licence exam.

Coax Publications – Publishers of the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide. This study guide comes with access to the student success page that provides students with practice exams that pull questions from the official exam question bank. It’s a great publication full of everything you’ll need to be successful on the examination.

Algoma Amateur Radio Club – Are you more of an audio/visual learner? Do you prefer to have instructor led classes? The Algoma Amateur Radio Club has recorded their in-house training sessions and made them available online for FREE. Have a look at their website for links to the classroom videos on YouTube.

Amateur Radio Exam Generator – Test your knowledge and see how you’re progressing with your studies. This exam generator pulls questions directly from the bank of questions that are used for the actual exam.

Of course you’ll also want a radio to use once you’re licenced, or one to have in your hand while studying to get the hands on experience. You can listen to HAM frequencies before being licenced, you just cant transmit!

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  1. Marty Rap says:

    Bonjour Éric !
    Je voulais m’acheter un boafeng uv88…..mais j’ai malheureusement remarqué
    Qu’il bloque maintenant le signal pour le canada ….a t’il quelque chose à faire avec sa ? J’aimerais bien l’avoir avec longues porter.

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