What Do You Need in an Emergency Survival Kit? 8 Important Things

What Do You Need in an Emergency Survival Kit? 8 Important Things

Any emergency, either its earthquake, hurricane, or illness of a family member, is mostly unpredicted. It becomes difficult for us to deal with these situations. But if you are well prepared to handle such situations, then you can at least reduce the severity of the damage.

One best thing that can help you to deal with such emergencies is an emergency survival kit. Do you have an emergency survival kit at your home? Are you planning to purchase a new one to deal with emergencies? If yes, then read this article till the end.

Here in this article, we will help you to find out all those things that you must have in an emergency kit. That’s how you can buy the best emergency kit to cope with emergencies.

What is an Emergency Survival Kit?

An emergency survival kit is a kind of a toolbox that contains all essential supplies that are needed to deal with the emergency. You must have these survival kits at your home.

You can either prepare a customized emergency kit at your home or buy it from the market. To get one for yourself, click here to proceed.

8 Things That You Must Have in An Emergency Kit

Let’s now discuss what the essentials of an emergency survival kit are. Either you are planning to make a customized one at your home or planning to buy it from the market, you must make sure that these utensils must be present in your emergency survival kit.

1.      A First-Aid Box

The first and foremost important thing that you must have in an emergency kit is a first-aid box. A first-aid box contains certain contents such as aspirin tablets, hand sanitizer, dressing pads, first-aid tape roll, bandage, thermometers, scissors, and other such products that are needed to cope with emergencies.

2.      A Flashlight

A flashlight is a compact tool that will make sure that you have access to light and power during an emergency. Prefer to choose an emergency torch that utilizes LED as it will minimize the need for spare bulbs.

The flashlight should be portable so that it becomes easy to carry in an outdoor adventure.

3.      A Radio-Set

During an emergency, you will need a constant supply of information. In the absence of all types of other informational sources, a radio-set can significantly help you stay updated with the latest news.

Hence, you must keep a radio-set so that you can tune in to emergency radio broadcasts via a portable AM/FM radio receiver.

4.      An Emergency Blanket

An emergency blanket helps you to survive outdoors in case of extreme weather conditions. These blankets are 90% heat reflective and help you to stay out during severe cold conditions.

5.      A Copy of Important Documents

Make sure to keep a copy of all your essential documents in an emergency survival kit. These documents may include insurance policies, passports, social security cards, and all other necessary documents.

You might not have time to search for these documents in an emergency. So, it’s the best idea to keep a copy of these documents in your emergency survival kit.

6.      Food

You must add non-perishables such as canned food that doesn’t require cooking. It is advised to store a three-day supply for each member of your family.

There are canned foods available in the market that have a long shelf-life and are specially designed for emergencies. Make sure that the food you choose doesn’t require water to be cooked or prepared. You can also add snacks in your kit.

7.      A multi-tool army knife

A multi-tool army knife is capable of performing 33 different functions. It can serve as scissor, bottle opener, blade, plier, or even a screwdriver. You can easily carry this tool in a backpack or your pocket while you are on the go.

So, consider adding this multi-tool army knife in your emergency survival kit.

8.      N95 respirator masks

These respirator masks are designed to help you in breathing non-oil-based particles like fiberglass and debris. These masks contain a valve attached to the front of the mask and make it easy for you to breathe.

So, do not forget to keep this mask with you as it will help you to breathe easily in harsh environments.


An emergency survival kit is something that you must have in your home so that you can handle the conditions in a better way. If you are planning to get an emergency survival kit for yourself, you must make sure that it includes all the utensils mentioned above in it.

You can either prepare your customized emergency survival kit at your home or buy one by clicking here.   



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