Deluxe 72 Hour Survival Kit

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Deluxe 72 Hour Survival Kit

Rapid Survival Deluxe 72 Hour Survival Kit is an important part of any household emergency preparedness plan. The Canadian Government suggests that all households have enough supplies to survive a minimum of 72 hours. during an emergency disaster situation your kit will provide the necessities required to survive.

With the prevalence of natural disasters and emergencies, an Emergency Survival Kit is crucial for your emergency preparedness plan. The Rapid Survival Deluxe 72 hour survival kit is designed for all emergencies. From major storms, power outages, floods, earthquakes, or any other disasters. The Rapid Survival Deluxe 72 hour survival kit is designed for the home, car or office.

Deluxe 72 Hour Survival Kit

Easy to carry and store, this emergency preparedness kit will have you ready for any emergency. The Rapid Survival Deluxe 72 Hour Survival Kits are designed by emergency preparedness experts to provide the most comprehensive, effective, and reliable survival kits for any emergency.

Why pay expensive prices for unnecessary store bought items that contain perishable food and water and unreliable supplies that need constant replacement? Each kit contains a 3 day supply per person of survival food and water guaranteed to last for 5 years even when stored in extreme conditions!

The Rapid Survival Deluxe 72 hour survival kit contains supply of emergency food, water, lights, radio, shelter, sanitation, rescue, and first aid to prepare you for any disaster. The kit comes assembled in a durable heavy-duty nylon bag. Each kit contains a large thermal blanket, radio, and a rechargeable LED Dynamo flashlight.

Our essential 72 hour survival kit is assembled in and shipped from Ontario Canada, you don’t need to worry about additional tax or duty charges when you order from us.

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2 reviews for Deluxe 72 Hour Survival Kit

  1. Risto Maki

    We used one of these kits for a promotional offer for our fire department, prior to sending it out we reviewed it and were very impressed with both the contents and the quality of the kit. with all of the unpredictable weather the likely hood of needing an emergency kit has never been greater. I would encourage everyone to have an emergency kit on hand and would recommend these kits to anyone.

    – South River Machar Fire Department

  2. Abel Gizachew (verified owner)

    Every household should own one of these. This kit covers all the essentials you would need in the event of an emergency situation/natural disaster. I highly recommend it!

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