7 Tips for Choosing WaterBOB

7 Tips for Choosing a waterBOB bathtub

Are you searching for the best waterBOB bathtub bladder? Do you know what factors must be kept in mind while purchasing the best water bathtub for yourself? Probably not. There is no need to anymore.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best tips that will help you to choose the best waterBOB bathtub bladder for yourself.

What is WaterBOB?

A waterBOB is a water-carrying system that converts your tub into a water storage tank and stores up to 100 gallons of freshwater drinking water in a standard bathtub. This water can be used in the event of an emergency. It is made of heavy-duty food-grade plastic material and ensures that the stored water stays fresh and clean for drinking, cooking, or washing.

Why You Need a WaterBOB Storage System?

In an emergency situation such as a hurricane, earthquake, flood, or a storm, the most important thing that you will need is a continuous supply of freshwater. That’s where a WaterBOB emergency drinking water storage system comes into play. It helps you to store up to 100 gallons of freshwater that can be used in case of any emergency.

Water bob converts your bathtub into an emergency water storage. Although it’s a temporary water storage system, yet it works best for those who are short on space. So, if you are looking for the best waterBOB for your bathtub, here are a few tips that you must consider before buying the best waterBOB for your bathtub.

7 Tips to Choose the best WaterBOB

Here are seven tips that you must keep in mind while choosing the best water bob for bathtub

1.      The WaterBOB Must be Made of Durable Material

While buying a waterBOB for your bathtub, make sure it is constructed of heavy-duty food-grade plastic material so that it does not get spoiled if exposed to any debris or other such stuff.

2.      It Should Easily fit in the faucet

A good waterBOB should easily fit in the tap. During its fitting, it should not get damaged, and the material should be of such quality that it resists any damage.

3.      How Much amount of water Does the WaterBOB Hold?

While choosing for the waterBOB for your bathtub, check for the amount of water that the waterBOB can hold. Usually, it depends on the size of your bathtub. However, it typically stores 100 gallons, whereas some standard bathtubs hold 60-70 gallons of water.

4.      For How Long Does this WaterBOB Keeps the Water Clean?

Usually, a waterBOB keeps the water clean for drinking, washing, and cooking for about 12-16 weeks. So, make sure for how long does that particular waterBOB keeps the water clean and choose the one that most suits your requirements.

5.      It Fits in Any Bathtub

While buying a waterBOB for yourself, make sure that the particular waterBOB easily fits in any bathtub and is not for specific bathtubs. The reason is that if you change your bathtub in the future, then you do not have to change the waterBOB as well.

6.      Should be Safe to Use

While choosing the best waterBOB, make sure that it is entirely safe to use and is made of BPA-Free material. The material construction should be approved by USFDA, and the material should not harm the water. Instead, it should keep it safe and free from any sort of germs and harmful pathogens.

7.      It Must Keep Water Clean for Drinking

The most important thing that you must consider while choosing a waterBOB for a bathtub is that you must ensure that it keeps water clean for drinking purposes.

It Must be Available at an Economical Price

A good waterBOB with all the facilities must be available at an economical price and shouldn’t be too expensive. Usually, a good waterBOB with all possible facilities ranges from $50-$60.


A waterBOB is an emergency water drinking facility system that helps to store water in a bathtub for use in emergencies. It can store up to 100 gallons of water and ensures that the stored water remains clean and safe for drinking, cooking, or washing.

While selecting a good waterBOB for your bathtub, make sure to follow the tips suggested above so that you choose the best product for yourself. Otherwise, you can also buy a waterBOB for your bathtub by clicking here.


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