5 Ways to Use Mountain House

5 Ways to Use A Mountain House

Looking to gather food to fulfill your emergency food supply? Not sure how much food you need? Don’t worry. Mountain House is here to sort out all your issues. In this article, we will find out how you can sort out food-related problems to deal with an emergency. So, let’s get started.

What is Mountain House?

Mountain House is a well-known brand and is reputable for providing emergency food kits and buckets so that you can easily consume them during an emergency. The food is packed in an air-tight container and is appropriately covered in a tin-can so that it stays fresh whenever you opt to consume it.

With so many fresh and hygienic food options and the most extended proven shelf in the industry, the Mountain House is a trusted name and is well-known for providing quality freeze-dried meals for more than half a century.

Mountain House meals are super easy to make and consume. In most emergencies, you need food, but you don’t have proper utensils and time to prepare it. That’s where mountain house is beneficial.

These foods are easy to prepare and do not require any complex preparation. Most of the time, what you have to do is that open the pack and add water. That’s it. Your food is ready to be consumed.

5 Ways to Use Mountain House Meals

Let’s find out five essential ways that you can adopt to use a mountain.

1.      Mountain House Emergency Meals

Mountain House Meals are most widely used as emergency meals. These meals are capable of long-term storage without experiencing any damage. Mountain House freeze-dried emergency food is rich in flavor and nutrition.

It offers a taste of home-cooked food to provide you the energy so that you can deal with any situation. To enjoy these meals in case of emergency, add hot water and comfortably enjoy delicious foods such as Lasagna, Rice & Chicken anytime and anywhere.

Mountain house emergency meals have the most extended shelf lives in the industry and offer a 30-year taste guarantee.

2.      Mountain House Adventure Meals

Apart from the emergencies, mountain house also offers a variety of adventure foods. The pouches are incredibly light-weight and portable. These adventure foods are super easy to make. Open the pack, add hot water, and start eating.

There is no need for separate plates. You can eat the food in the pouch. You can find plenty of dining options starting from stuff like Beef stroganoff to creamy pasta primavera. So, either you are hiking or spending your time in a tent, these adventure meals by mountain house are specially made for you.

3.      Mountain House Entrees

Mountain House entrees provide you with the energy that you need to fuel your next adventure. These entrees are ideal for camping trips, emergency food storage, and backpacking excursions. These meals are the best solution to satiate your hungry bellies within minutes.

Entrées by Mountain house include yellow curry with chicken and rice, creamy macaroni & cheese lasagna with meat & sauce, and much more.

4.      Mountain House Breakfast

Starting your breakfast with a nutrient-rich mountain house breakfast meal is an ideal option for you. Mountain House offers a wide range of freeze-dried breakfast options to ensure that you stay fueled and ready to take on your next adventure.

Healthy breakfast options by mountain house include biscuits & gravy, breakfast skillets, and Granola with milk and blueberries. All of these meals are ready to be consumed in a flash. Either you are at the top of a rocky mountain or in the depth of a Death Valley, you can easily consume these meals by simply adding hot water.

5.      Mountain House Desserts and Proteins

Whether you are looking for desserts or meats, mountain house offers premium quality products. From ice-cream sandwiches to apple crisp and raspberry crumble, their delicious treats offer decadent flavor without any requirement of crazy preparation.

The best thing about desserts from mountain house is that they are freeze-dried, which means you don’t have to worry about them melting in your rucksack.

If you are looking for freeze-dried meat, cooked diced chicken, or pilot crackers, you can easily choose to go with mountain house meals.

Final Words

Mountain House is a reputed brand known for providing premium quality and ready to eat food products for you. These food items are best for emergencies or adventure plans as they are super easy to make and do not require any complex preparation.

You can easily consume them by adding hot water in the pack without the requirement of any dishes. Ni-mess, delicious ready-to-eat foods are something that you must try.

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