Everything You Need to Know About Berkey Water

Black Berkey

Drinking clean and fresh water is a secret to healthy living. All the health-conscious people around the world pay significant importance to drink healthy and clean water. Drinking healthy water is the key to healthy living and enjoying a long-lasting life experience.  But the question is, how is it possible to ensure that the water […]

Baofeng Radio Legality

[woocommerce_social_media_share_buttons] There is a lot of information out there about the legal use of the Baofeng UV-5R and similar radios in Canada. Staff at Rapid Survival have discussed this topic with a subject matter expert and have written this blog post to help educate users. Canadian Law It is important to point out that Canadian law […]

Facts About Emergency Preparedness

[woocommerce_social_media_share_buttons] Emergency Preparedness in Canada is something we should all be aware of. How does it affect our every day life, how can we be better prepared? What kinds of Emergency Preparedness situations should be plan for? Rapid Survival has put together a list of 17 Emergency Preparedness facts that can help you decide what to plan […]

HAM Radio Licence Resources

[woocommerce_social_media_share_buttons] Are you interested in getting your HAM radio licence? Not sure where to start? Here are a few resources to help you study for the licence exam. Coax Publications – Publishers of the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide. This study guide comes with access to the student success page that provides students with practice […]