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Oxygen Absorbers How To Store Them Properly

Oxygen Absorbers for Mylar Bags
[woocommerce_social_media_share_buttons] You’ve purchased a package of 300cc or 2000cc oxygen absorbers. You have your mylar bags or mason jars set and ready to go, except for one small problem. . . Your oxygen absorbers came in a vacuum sealed package of 50 or more and you only need 5! Over the last few months Rapid […]

Mylar Bags, Why Use Them?

[woocommerce_social_media_share_buttons] 1) Provide Oxygen Protection Mylar Bags provide great oxygen protection. Regular plastic bags and Ziploc plastic bags allow oxygen to pass through the bag and back into food products. Oxygen can cause discolouration, loss of taste, compromise product freshness and allow insects to breed. Mylar Bags provide an effective oxygen barrier to help preserve […]